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Applied Posture Riding..Now followed by 1000s of riders  around the world

This is one of the best follow at home  programs for horse riders.  It is unique, easy to follow, and has been created by a professional. So many Horse Riders spend money on lessons to train their horse, but few spend any money on education to train themselves, for riding. Applied Posture Riding is an exercise program that trains the horse riding muscles for horse riding. This program has been designed by an elite horse rider who also has a Masters in Physiotherapy. Annette is also an experienced Pilates Educator. The combination of her talents as a horse rider and her university education give this program credentials over so many other exercise programs. The key to the program is core stability, or, well known as Pilates and horse rider biomechanics. The program explains in explicit detail how to find, test, train and use the deep abdominal muscles , it also provides the same detail about all the horse riding muscles used specifically for horse riding. The package includes files providing qualified information about back pain management, and how to save money owning a horse. There is a file on protecting your body as a horse owner. Annette has also taken time to provide a detailed manual called “Pure Pilates”. The style of the written presentations is easy to follow . The information is clear, precise and backed up with full colour photos and graphics. The DVD s are in two parts. Part 1 is 1 ½ hours long providing education on the rider’s posture and all the horse riding muscles and rider biomechanics. The program explains what the muscles do when riding and how to find test and train them. The focus is on core stability so there is a large chapter on how to use the deep abdominal muscle. The riding Posture requires symmetry from both sides, so the teaching includes training left and right sides of the body using movement patterns unique for riding. There is a chapter on pain control in the lower back and stretching for better muscle control. DVD part 2 shows the rider how to achieve a good lower leg position to stabilize the leg first. The exercises are shown in the saddle to demonstrate and explain how to use the core muscles and establish balance through the lower leg then the seat and how to never balance using the hands.

The Applied Posture Riding Package

The Applied Posture Riding Package

Of all the programs on the net I certainly recommend the Applied Posture Riding program to any Horse Rider.  If you follow this program you will learn to ride properly, you will learn everything about the horse riding posture and the movement patterns required to ride well and be  confident.

If you want to learn how to ride with knowledge, skill and detail then I recommend you read the Applied Posture Riding page and buy the program.

If you have a friend who wants to learn Pure Pilates but not  the riding movement patterns direct them to My Pilates Training Pure Pilates for everybody

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