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An Applied Posture Riding Exercise Movement Pattern

An Applied Posture Riding Exercise Movement Pattern

If you have a passion to be the best rider you can be then this program will teach you HOW.

This blog is in a series of blogs designed to help the horse rider. Horse riding lessons need to address many topics.  The lesson needs to include care of the horse, fitting of all the gear, correct safety equipment, and even include health care, feed and safety when transporting. A horse rider needs to learn and have lessons in these areas for the well being of themselves and the horse.

If you are about to take on the sport of horse riding and are seeking lessons then it is very important to follow the lessons of an expert. Horse riding can be a very dangerous sport and even handling a horse can result in injury. This program  teach riders from little kids to adults from the time they want to learn and have horse riding lessons through to competition level. Horse riding lessons must include all aspects of riding and owning a horse. Not every person owns their horse but it is important to learn about the care of a horse.

The first lesson is just learning how to catch and lead a horse, not everyone can do this with confidence. The next lesson is brushing, rugging and un rugging, picking up legs and any thing involving general care on the ground.

The next lesson is putting the saddle and bridle on. It is important to learn why certain gear is fitted and how. Many horses wear a poor fitting saddle causing pain and hence bad behavior.

Every horse rider should be taught all of these basics as part of any horse riding lesson program.

It is absolutely necessary to teach safety. The important of a correct fitting helmet, and the right leg and footwear. Gloves are an option. The process continue so teaching how the get on safely and how to hold the reins. The horse has a different beat at each pace so learning this will help the rider stay in rhythm with the horse. The walk is a four beat and easy to ride. The trot is a two beat and can ridden rising or sitting. The canter is a three beat pace and usually very comfortable to ride.

All the paces are different and all can be learned with some simple tips Applied Posture Riding teaches the rider to balance through the lower legs and stirrups first at the walk and the trot. Once balance is established then the rider can learn to use the seat and never use the hands to balance. The hands are only ever used for direction and aids.

Learning to ride can be hard work but being able to ride is so much fun. So for the best horse riding lessons follow an expert and learn properly you will have fun.

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Author “Applied Posture Riding”

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